Komiza town

Komiža is located on the west side of the island in the deep bay of Vis. From the rest of the island is separated mountain massif Hum (highest point 587 m), which drops steeply to the shores of Komiža. Such accommodation, as it is connected and the lack of agricultural land, has set Komiža orientation towards the sea and fishing. Over the pass Saint Michael the new road is connected with the town of Vis, 10 km away. Distance of old road Vis – Vis passing south of the island is 20 km long.

People in Komiža  mostly speak cokavskim dialect (a subspecies of the Chakavian dialect) Croatian language.

In the whole Komižaof lives 1,677 inhabitants, of which the Komiži them 1526, the lowest number in the last 150 years since the census of the population.

City Day is celebrated on December 6th, a patron saint is St. Nicholas.

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Komiza town


The preserved architecture of stone houses we inherited from our ancestors and picturesque details behind each corner will leave you breathless!

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Visit the most beautiful beaches in the world and explore the natural phenomenae of Stiniva and Srebrna, and take a walk on the pure white sands of Smokova!

Vis town

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Cultural and natural attractions of our island continue to live through our tradition and lifestyle, and are found at every step.

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